da ma sospensione

by david chipperfield
IP20-rated suspension light fitting for indoor use. made of brass calendered profiles of different sizes with a section of 10×10 mm and a cylindrical or elliptical shape, separated by brass rings with Ø64 mm biconcave lenses. the light fitting contains 2 brass profiles with 10×3 mm section, which create an electrified track to power the led source kits for diffused light, equipped with rods of different heights supporting the transparent crystal diffuser to create evocative lighting effects.

technical specifications

dimensions profile: Ø430mm h.330mm 18×4 lenses, Ø760mm h.490mm 32×6 lenses, Ø1520 mm h.650mm 66×8 lenses, 2100x380mm h.330mm elliptical 64×4 lenses, 1760x760mm h.490mm elliptical 60×6 lenses. wired with 2700K led source, Ø430mm 8×2, 5W, Ø760mm 14×2,5W, Ø1520mm 32×2,5W, 2100x380mm 32×2,5W elliptical lens, 1760x760mm 32×2,5W elliptical lens. constant voltage 24Vdc power supply unit to be installed remotely.

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