n55 parete soffitto orientabile

by mario nanni
IP20-rated wall/ceiling adjustable light fitting for indoor use. made of oxidized aluminium.

technical specifications

dimensions profile:

recessed installation (60×155 h 133mm) with integrated power supply unit

recessed installation (Ø 80 h 169mm) with recessed integrated power supply unit

recessed installation (Ø 80 h 108mm) with recessed integrated power supply unit fully

concealed installation (Ø 80 h 169mm), power supply unit not included.

all versions feature a Ø 10 mm rod with an adjustable Ø55mm head and can be wired with eight types of propellers:

  • 55/350 and 55/350e (smooth) propeller wired with 10.8W/350mA 1240lm les19 led
  • 55/500 and 65/500e (smooth) propeller wired with 15.6W/500mA 1580lm les19 led
  • 55/500 propeller with 13.6W/500mA 800lm les9 led
  • 65/700 propeller wired with 22.3W/700mA 2140lm les19 led
  • 65/700 propeller wired with 19.5W/700mA 1110lm les9 led
  • 82/1050 propeller wired with 34W/1050mA 3000lm les19 led

all propellers are Ra98 1 step macadam 2700K, 3000K or 3000Vb K, featuring the specific n55 lamp-holder, with three types of light bulbs that can be interchanged: standard, decorative and technical. the version with integrated power supply unit is equipped with a special intelligent controlled power supply unit which automatically provides the suitable current according to the type of propeller and can be dimmed. it can also be ordered separately for the other versions.

accessories: 1-10V potentiometer, fully concealed housing for plasterboard or brickwork, gasket with light trap for transparent glass; honeycomb louvre, elliptical lens and anti-glare for technical bulbs.

finishes: oxidised argento hacca, nero55 or my bianco painted. transparent, satin, milk white glass.

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