by mario nanni
completely recessed or recessed light fixture for indoor IP20 made of black or white painted metal.

technical specifications

dimensions profile: for m6recessed version, white, grey, polished stainless steel frames are available.

wiring adjustable kits available: 2x50W GU5,3 dichroic kit, GU5,3 led kit; 75W G53 AR111 halogen kit with aluminium reflector; kit led AR111; 75W E27 PAR halopar halogen kit (no coolbeam); 35/70W G12 metal halide kit with and 40° reflector and kit GX8,5 35/70W; 50/100W GX12-1 white son kit, or 40° reflectors available. power supply unit excluded from kit. an apposite housing allows installation also in brick surfaces.

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